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2016 AOCABFE Annual Business Meeting

2015 AOCABFE Annual Business Meeting AGENDA

Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm, Tuesday, 07/28/2015

LOCATION: Carondelet- 3rd Floor

Chair: Dr. Hong Li, AOC Vice President

1. Call to Order

2. Attendee’s Introduction

3. Approval 2015 Business Meeting Agenda

4. Approval of 2014 AOC Business Meeting Minutes

5. President Report (Dr. Changying Li)

6. Election of AOC 2015-2016 Executive Board (Dr. Lingying Zhao)

7. Student Activity Committee Chair’s Report (Fuqin Xu)

8. Treasurer’s Report (Dr. Yufeng Ge)

9. Membership Committee Chair’s Report (Dr. Liangcheng Yang and Dr. Lingying Zhao) (including Fellow and Institutional members)

10. Professional Development Director’s Report (Dr. Hanwu Lei)

11. IMPACT Editors’ Report (Dr. Zhiming Qi)

12. Foundation Director’s Report, Foundation by-laws (Dr. Yubin Lan)

13. AOC Web Director’s Report (Dr. Zifei Liu)

14. IJABE Editor-in-Chief 's Report (Dr. Yingkuan Wang)

15. Announcement of election results (Dr. Lingying Zhao)

16. Change of Gavel (Dr. Zhao, Dr. Lie Tang)

17. Remark from New President (Dr. Lie Tang)

18. Other Business and Discussion

19. Adjournment

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